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Consultancy Services

What we do: We work with many organizations helping to develop strategies aimed at improving their business performance by growing their people, their potential and their profit.

How we can help: We can help with the following specialist areas:

Sales and marketing consultancy

Project Management Consultancy Areas

Statistical Quality Control Consultancy Areas

Information Security Areas

Business Process Re-Design

Training Philosophy, Method and Services

In today�s age of rapidly developing technology and ever changing business environment, the strains and pressures on existing staff within organizations make our role more relevant and necessary.

Success comes to those organizations able to deliver better quality goods and services. Organizational performance depends on competent management and motivated employees. To deliver in competitive markets companies have de-layered, re-engineered, empowered, re-structured, re-invested and therefore demand more from their people.

People can only keep up with these demands by being trained, re-freshed and re-trained. Through extensive training and ongoing guidance, support and advice, we are confident that the experience will allow organizations to keep one step ahead of their competitors.

To achieve the above objectives Intech Management and Technology Solutions has a conversely practical approach. For more than 10 years, our professional consultants, leading practitioners and tutors, have been providing solutions based on researched effectiveness using observations and statistical analysis.

Intech Management and Technology Solutions courses offer succinct methods of keeping up to date on both, personal and organizational development. In addition, the majority of the courses will be run as workshops offering practical tuition, using problems typical of those arising in practice. It is one of the first independent institution dedicated solely to Project Management and related technology, offers a full spectrum of courses that deal with today�s challenging business and technical environment.

The Trainers

Intech offers continuing education programs focused directly on the participants� actual working environment and project characteristics as opposed to often abstract, generic public programs. Our course directors and instructors implement your program, based on your schedule. This translates into higher participant satisfaction, greater retention and improved skill application.

Intech course directors and instructor are internationally recognized, practicing experts in their respective fields with proven lecture and training skills. They represent not only Intech own internal faculty, but also a worldwide network of renowned master practitioners providing efficient and practical solutions to even the most complexing problems. They are experienced professionals who have planned, developed and presented in-house courses and seminars using their extensive knowledge and accomplishments.

In-Company Programs and Development

Particular attention is paid to customizing our training programs for both the individual and the corporation. The organizations broad and flexible curriculum builds professionalism through exposure to the full range of Project Management applications, technological advances, and management trends. Program designs extend from fundamental principles through advanced, sophisticated application techniques.

HOW 2�Tailor a program to your individual business needs

You will benefit from

Tailored workshop

Cost effective solution

Location of your choice

Training consistent with your culture

At Intech we offer a wide variety of programs to meet a range of development needs. All programs are designed to meet your organization's requirements and can vary from a one day course to a development program delivered over a specified period of time.

Course Information

Courses are discussed and designed in complete confidentiality at client�s convenience.

Course length in varies to suit coverage and degree of intensity desired. Most range from one to three days, depending upon the topic and depth of study desired.

Case studies and workshops are typically tailored to corporate operating environments.

Courses can be held at the Client�s headquarters, a project site or a convenient location defined by the client.

Course times are flexible and can be scheduled during or after normal business hours.

Certificates of completion are presented to those participants who successfully complete course requirements.

Key Benefits of working with the Intech Consultancy team

We discuss your needs before the training starts, to ensure that your local issues are built in.

We are very flexible ~ adapting structure, pace, and content to suit your particular needs.

We usually deliver at your location, at one of your own sites - which means that we operate more like internal trainers, and keeps us in contact with you, the client, and other managers.

The per person fee reduces significantly, for larger groups and certain formats.

Our Workshops are very practical - involving participants in syndicate activity and discussions.

We encourage your own trainers and professional experts to take part, as Guest Trainers.

Our success rate is consistently high, so more participants are successful, and finish on time.

The Work-based Activities involve colleagues and line managers in reviewing and improving local operational practices.

Sample Courses from INTECH
Personal Development Skills

Time Management

Managing Meetings



Team Working Skills

Business Writing

Designing a Presentation

Training Skills

Training for New Trainers

Advanced Training Skills Workshop

Training Needs Analysis

Customer Service and Sales

Customer Focused Telephone Skills

Winning Techniques for Telephone Sales

Successful Telephone Techniques

Effective Sales Techniques

Presentation for Pre and Post Sales Technicians

Customer Service Skills

Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills for First Time Supervisors

Advanced Supervisory Skills

Recruitment and Selection

Improving the Appraisal Process

Coaching for Team Leaders

Management Skills

Purchasing Strategies & Cost Reduction

Strategic Management Processes and Creativity

Strategic Thinking and Creativity Workshop

Translating Strategy into Action

Improving Organisational Performance

Downsizing the Organisation

Working Effectively in A Multi-National Environment

Creating High Performing Teams

Business / Systems Analysis / Process Improvement

Describing Business Processes

Improving Business Processes

Systems Investigation and Analysis

Tools and Techniques for Specifying Systems

Interactive Development

e-business Explained

Systems Engineering Techniques

Information Technology

Data Management Essentials

Corporate Data Modelling

Data Modelling

Principles of Data Administration

IT / IS Project Management

IT Security Management and Disaster Recovery

Application Systems Design

Object Development with UML

Web Technology

Project Management

Planning and Controlling Projects

Milestone Planning

Benefits Management

Activity Based Costing

Leading Your First Team

Skills Development Tutorials

Problem Analysis and Problem Solving

Milestone Planning

Risk Management

Project Initiation

Describing Business Processes

Activity Based Costing

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Dynamic Modelling

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